A new generation medical device

The concept of the radially expanding cylindrical stent was developed in the 1980s to strengthen the vessels after an endoluminal angioplasty procedure.

Cylindrical stents are also used and adapted to the implantation of aortic valves in a tubular anatomical environment, making transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) a widely used procedure in patients.

Mitral valves have a radically different location and anatomical structure than the aortic valve.

Their very particular anatomical constraints make their delivery and implantation more challenging and so far unsuccessful via transcatheter.

OSS’ ribbon-shaped open stent is a paradigm shift because it overrides radial expansion of conventional cylindrical stents.

It is the first-ever open-stent heart valve designed to implant large size mitral valves through small delivery systems, comparable in size to best-in-class TAVI.

Open Stent Solution (OSS) is a French MedTech start-up company founded by senior cardiac surgeon doctor Doron Carmi, who envisioned a novel approach to overcome the limitations of conventional cylindrical stents to treat patients suffering from severe mitral valve regurgitation. The company’s unique heart valve supported by a ribbon-shaped stent structure represents a paradigm shift in transcatheter valve replacement. The company has built a team of world-renowned executives, skilled medtech engineers, and leading scientific and medical experts. OSS recently closed a €2.5 million Seed financing round to support its TMVR device development.

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